Who We Are

Menzies Medical Centre is located within Boundary Trails Place, a group of facilities intended to meet all your medical needs. Surrounding the Menzies Medical Centre is optometry, dentistry, orthodontics, pharmacy, athletic health, public health and many other health and wellness oriented businesses.

The Menzies Medical Centre is a community owned clinic that is operated in consultation with a board of directors. Donations to purchase medical equipment and technology are received through a funding agreement with the Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation, the City of Morden, the RM of Stanley, and other rural municipalities and surrounding towns. This group effort helps to maintain a modern facility that benefits all community members and visitors.

Agassiz Medical Centre staff

The History of the Development of Doctors Medical Facilities in Morden

As told by Dr. Jim Menzies


Dr. A.F. Menzies moved to Morden and rented a room on Stephen Street. It was situated between the present Municipal Offices and the Land Titles Offices. The landlady acted as his receptionist.


Dr. A.F. Menzies bought the house, demolished it and built an office building. It had a waiting room, two examining rooms, a toilet and a laboratory. The lab had a microscope for doing white blood cell counts. Urinalyses, smears for identifying bacteria, blood sugars and hemoglobin were done by the doctors.


Dr. J.C. Menzies moved to Morden and practiced with his father for eight years. 


Dr. A.F. Menzies passed away leaving Dr. Jim Menzies to practice alone. 


Dr. C.J. Unruh joined Dr. J.C. Menzies. They found the office too small. 

Dr. F. Ollinik was practicing dentistry in the back of Ridley’s Drug Store. This was not satisfactory.

Dr. Stan Jenkins had his optometry office in the front of the Kenmore Theatre. This also was not satisfactory.

Menzies, Ollinik and Jenkins met and decided that Morden needed a Medical Centre where physicians, dentists and optometrists could practice together.

Dr. Menzies and Dr. Unruh travelled to medical centres in Manitoba and in the U.S.A for inspiration. They bought a book on designing medical centres and from this, the size of the exam rooms were decided as well as the amount of laboratory space.

Dr. Ollinik consulted a dental architect for advice on dental surgeries, lab and x-ray.

Dr. Jenkins drew up plans of what he wanted for optometrical space.

Mr. Fred Reeve lived on the property across the street from the hospital. His house and property was purchased. Another lot two blocks north was purchased and his house moved to this lot.

An architect and building contractor were hired to build a medical centre for four medical doctors, two dentists and one optometrist. By the time it was completed Dr. D. Goerz arrived to join Dr. Ollinik in dentistry.


The new building opened January 19th.

The professional community gradually expanded with more doctors, dentists and optometrists. 


The building was expanded to accommodate six medical doctors, four dentists and two optometrists. 

Dr. Jenkins had his office upstairs and his colleague Dr. John Friesen was situated in the basement. When Dr. Jenkins retired Dr. Friesen recruited Dr. Earl Lautenschlager and they wanted to practice in one office.


We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Medical Centre. Lt. Governor, Dr. George Johnson was the guest speaker. 


The optometrists moved into their new building located across the street to the east.


The medical doctors moved across the street to the vacated hospital building where new offices were been built.