Do you know what it means to be a Community Based Clinic?

There are two separate operations at the clinic:

Agassiz Physicians Medical Group

Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation

Covers ongoing business running costs of Menzies Medical Centre. Ex. Rent, utilities, staffing costs, etc.

MMC Community Board

Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board

Covers purchasing of equipment that improve quality of service offered to the community through the clinic no matter which physician is available.

Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation is the group of physicians’ business operation. Menzies Medical Centre Community Board is a volunteer board of directors consisting of:

  • Community Rep.
  • City of Morden Rep.
  • RM of Stanley Rep.
  • Member at Large
  • Physician Rep.
  • Menzies Medical Centre Rep.
  • Tabor Home Rep.
  • Morden & District Chamber of Commerce Rep

Menzies Medical Centre Community Board needs your support!

The mandate of the Menzies Medical Centre Community Board is to purchase equipment & furnishings for Menzies Medical Centre. All funds collected are used towards purchasing these items.

Thank you to our Corporate Donors


The Role of the Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation

The Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation pays for all “consumable” items within their business. They pay for all staffing costs, rent, medical supplies, office supplies, Electronic Medical Record monthly subscription costs, software subscription costs, and recruitment of new physicians.

The Role of the Menzies Medical Centre Community Board

The community board is responsible to provide all of the equipment (medical and computer) and furnishings within the entire clinic. Because the community board purchases the equipment and furnishings, the community owns it. The community board receives monthly payments from the City of Morden, the RM of Stanley and the Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation. The community board is a registered charity and receives donations. All purchases for equipment must be approved by the community board.

There are two main benefits of a community based clinic.

  1. It is a huge advantage when recruiting physicians as there is virtually no cost for them to “set up” their practice. They can finish medical school and start practicing the next day. When potential physicians are looking for places to practice, this is a huge advantage for our community.
  2. If a physician decides to leave our community, they take no equipment or furnishings from the clinic. Other than the loss of the physician (which is very unfortunate), there is no loss to the community.

We are a Registered Charity

Menzies Medical Centre Community Board is a Registered Charity. Donations are used to fund items such as:

  • Medical equipment
  • Facility space
  • Furnishings
  • Technology
  • Other needs as they arise

What types of donations can I make?

Each donation plays an important role in providing our community clinic with the resources needed to advance the health of our community. Your donation will be recognized in the Menzies Medical Centre Community Donor Board area displayed in the clinic unless you specify otherwise.

Ways to donate: 
In person at Menzies Medical Centre (cash or cheque).

By Mail:
Menzies Medical Centre – Community Board
130-30 Stephen Street
Morden, MB R6M 2G3

Make cheques payable to:
Menzies Medical Centre Community Board
If you require a tax receipt please include your information with your donation.

How to donate