Home for the Summer program

home for summer students 2021

What it means to Agassiz Medical Centre

The ‘Home for the Summer’ Program hosted by Menzies Medical Centre and Boundary Trails Health Centre allows 1st year medical students to see and experience what rural medicine entails. It gives the students a better understanding of the difference between rural and urban practices. Without this exposure, many students may not realize the quality of healthcare rural facilities can offer. We want them to appreciate that being a physician in the rural area is a worthwhile option so that they may consider coming to this area in the future.

As part of the Home for the Summer program, the students were required to work on a designated project that was given to them by Menzies Medical Centre. The project information that they collected when doing their projects is now being used to improve the quality of patient care offered by Menzies Medical Centre. The students also received a wage as a joint effort between Menzies Medical Centre, Southern Health and the Office of Rural & Northern Health as this was considered their summer job position.

Menzies Medical Centre looks forward to being part of this program again if the opportunity presents itself.