Dr. Hany Mansour

Family Medicine

Dr. Mansour was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, completed his medical school at the faculty of medicine in Cairo, Egypt 1996 followed by successful completion of his internship and training program at Cairo university hospitals.

Dr. Mansour successfully completed his Canadian licensing exams (LMCC exams in 2007), also has successfully completed a one year residency program at the University of Manitoba before starting his practice at the Menzies Medical Centre in Morden in February 2009.

Why Morden

I moved with my family from Toronto, ON to Morden in 2007 and since that time me and my family (my wife Mona and our 2 beloved kids Fredy and Jasmine) feel very blessed here and Morden simply feels like home.

We enjoy walking together, biking, going with our kids to church in Morden and also visiting with our friends in town.

My son Fredy enjoys soccer as he plays competitively with the Pembina Valley Panthers team and my daughter Jasmine enjoys swimming and sewing through her 4H program.

About my hobbies I like playing soccer and also watching soccer games with my son, listening to music and reading about cars.

Things to do in my list: learn how to golf, cross-country skiing and skating (sounds like a very difficult tasks to do but I am sure that it will happen one day!)

I feel privileged and honoured to work in Morden, serve my community and to be part of such a wonderful team at the Menzies Medical Centre.

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