Dr. Jason Zhang

ER, Family Medicine, Hospital, Personal Care Home Medicine

Dr. Jason Zhang has lived in Manitoba since the age of 10. He completed his undergraduate medical training in 2014 and rural family medicine residency (based in Morden) in 2016 at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Zhang’s practice includes family medicine, surgical assist, emergency and hospital-based medicine.

Why Morden?

I was fortunate to have completed my medical school rotation in family medicine in Morden in 2012, where I had the opportunity to appreciate the caring and intelligent health care providers in the area. Ever since then I wanted to come back and work here after my training is complete. In addition, the facilities and opportunities for a wide range of practice are really attractive to a rural-trained family physician. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed caring for, and learning from, the patients whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet while completing my family medicine residency here in Morden. I hope to continue to contribute to his community for many years to come.

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