Dr. Leanne Nause

ER, Family Medicine, Obstetrics

MMC Medical Director

Dr. Leanne Nause, born and raised in Manitoba, also completed her medical training here. In 2003, she graduated from the University of Manitoba and then completed the Rural Family Medicine residency through the Parkland Unit (based in Dauphin, MB). Her busy practice incorporates much of the variety that rural family medicine has to offer, including: pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics, and emergency. After starting practice in Morden, she completed additional training in EKG interpretation and cesarean sections.

Why Morden?

I have lived in several areas of Manitoba while I was growing up and Morden was one of my favorites. It is a beautiful town with surrounding country terrain including a lake to swim in and hills to bike on. There are many activities to enjoy including cross-country skiing, hockey, golf, yoga and triathlon. The medicine is challenging, but the support from colleagues is excellent and the hospital is one of the newest and most beautiful in the province. It is a great place to be.

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