Dr. Travis Magill

Family Medicine

Born and raised in Winnipeg,  Dr. Magill completed medical school at the University of Manitoba in 2018.  Moving to rural Manitoba for the first time to complete his training in family medicine in the Brandon program, he found that life in a smaller area appealed to him along with the role of the family physician in a rural community.  Dr. Magill’s practice will include Family medicine, surgical assist and hospital medicine.

I was lucky enough to be able to complete my family medicine rotation in Winkler after spending a week in the area during my first year of medical school.  While completing my residency, I spent a month in Morden working in the clinic as well as Boundary Trails.  In both cases, I found the communities welcoming and the clinics supportive.  The role of the family physician in rural areas has always appealed to me and Morden seems to be the best fit for me.  I look forward to working in the area! 

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