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Online Booking

Menzies Medical Centre is pleased to offer online booking to all of our patients who have a family doctor or family nurse practitioner with us. You’re able to make a request for an appointment with your regular provider for a day and time that suits you and you’ll be notified to confirm that appointment. Please note, we will notify you if we cannot keep the appointment you requested. A common reason for an appointment to be rejected is booking with a provider other than your own.

Patients who are not enrolled with one of our providers must call or come in to make an appointment. 

Walk-in registration is now offered under the provider “Walk-in Provider”. If this provider is not visible, the online registration spots may already be taken, however there may be some in person registration availably. Online walk-in registration starts at 8am on regular clinic days (1:45pm on Study Days), the “Walk-in, Provider” will not be visible until 8am when the spots are posted.

If no online appointments exist, that may not mean your provider has no appointments available that day.  Please call the clinic if no appointments exist online.

Book Appointment

You will be redirected to our online booking portalĀ Medeo, where you can complete your request. Each patient wanting to book online mustĀ make an account.