Executive Director

Nicole Walske
204-822-2601 | email

Provides direction, leadership and management of all clinic operations including:

  • HR
  • Financial
  • IT
  • Recruitment
  • Community Relations
  • Works in partnership with the Menzies Medical Centre Directors Group

Financial and Administrative Officer

Nicole Burnett
204-822-2608 | email
  • Management of Menzies Medical Centre’s cash flow
  • Calculate and manage each physician’s cost share payments
  • Billing for stipends for the following physician shifts: ER, Doc of Day, Obs call, Ortho call, Personal Care Home on-call, Contract physician hours
  • Works together with Executive Director in preparing yearly budget
  • Process staff payroll and administer staff benefits
  • Process accounts payable

Systems Administrator

David Guenther
204-822-2607 | email
  • Management and supervision of computer services.
  • Security, maintenance, upgrades, & succession planning.
  • Accuro liaison
  • Training support
  • Reporting and communication


Billing Department

  • Process claims for all services provided by physicians/providers at the clinic, Boundary Trails Health Centre, Personal Care Homes, and other locations
  • Code, investigate, submit, reconcile and pursue payment
  • Provide training for new physicians/providers and are available for one on one follow up
  • Hold billing seminars for physicians/providers
  • Update physicians/providers on billing changes
  • Communicate with Manitoba Health and Doctors Manitoba to support physicians

Transcription/Health Records

  • Type, send and/or book referrals
  • Scheduling and consult letters for specialized practices
  • Coordinate pre-op appts, forms and investigations
  • Incoming and outgoing medical record transfers
  • Book anesthesia consults, coordination of all information to slating departments
  • Requisitions for Boundary Trails Health Centre/Winnipeg etc

Nursing Department

  • Process tests
  • Take measurements
  • Give vaccines and medications
  • Relay messages to and from the physicians/providers, and assist with procedures
  • Stitch removal
  • Dressing changes
  • Checking newborns with jaundice
  • Vision screening

Lab Entry Department

  • Manually enter lab values
  • Receive interfaced results and confirm in correct chart
  • Retrieve requested data for physicians and providers

Scanning/Document Department

  • Scan and enter documents and reports into patient charts
  • Retrieve requested reports for physicians and providers
  • Receive and process faxes
  • Reconcile diagnostic and lab requisitions


  • Receive and greet all incoming patients and visitors to clinic
  • Answer and direct phone calls
  • Book, cancel and reschedule appointments
  • Check patients in for their appointments and assist them to the correct physician/provider
  • Send and receive faxes
  • Provide information as requested and directed

Promotions and Marketing

  • Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) financial manager
  • Forward changes that need to be made to our website
  • Monitor and post Menzies Medical Centre information on Instagram
  • Assist with changes to be made to Lightning-Bolt Scheduling
  • Create a week to week schedule that assists staff at MMC and BTHC with knowing where physicians/providers are working for the week
  • Create a monthly newsletter that notes birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming events as well¬†as news within the clinic
  • Coordinate monthly¬†health related articles for media

Chronic Disease Management Quality Improvement

  • Monitor and manage Primary Care Quality Indicators
  • Manage enrolment /¬†Manitoba Home Portal, including enrolling, de-enrolling, updating patient enrolment
  • Tracking panel sizes, increases/decreases
  • Comprehensive Care Management Tariffs
  • Creating physician’s compliance reports

3rd Party Forms & Billing Dept services include

  • Manage sending and receiving requests for information to 3rd Party (Education, Employment, Government, Insurance, etc)
  • Send and bill reports and information to Workers Compensation Board for work-related injuries
  • Billing of clinical services and supplies not covered by provincial health care coverage